YQ220S style incising machine


        The machine is used to incise all kinds of soft steel. Stainless steel. The product is mainly used to furnich box,door,window,freezing work,wlwctric cortrol box,driving room and the others.   


  • configuration,high precision three-sect guiding,little covering space. 
  • Working table can be ordered.The product is no burr.
  • The incising angle can be adjusted as you want.
  • There are hand press and foot press two choises.
  • And both side of the machine has "stop" key-press in order to stop while it is urgence.



项目 数据
输入功率 3HP
输入电压 380V
剪切能力 147KN
最大行程 50mm
剪切厚度 4mm
剪切尺寸 切角220X220 切凹50X100
空载连续剪切频率 18次/min
工作台面尺寸 790mm X 990mm
工作台面高度 795mm